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U.S. Air Force Academy licenses EnSight as aerodynamics teaching tool

September 27, 2:27 EDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. -- Officials at the U.S. Air Force Academy have licensed EnSight software from Computational Engineering International (CEI) in Apex, N.C., as one of the central visualization tools in its Advanced Applied Aerodynamics course.

"EnSight is effective because it produces top-quality animations that allow us to clearly show complex flow structures," says Maj. Doug Blake, assistant professor of aeronautics at the Air Force Academy. "Students need to understand flow fields to build a solid working knowledge of aerodynamics."

Flow-feature extraction within EnSight enables engineers and scientists to automatically visualize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) interactions, CEI officials say. It is valuable for aerospace engineers analyzing high-speed airflow characteristics for aircraft, rotorcraft and missiles. The Air Force Academy is primarily interested in isolating shock-wave interactions, but EnSight also extracts vortex core flow, boundary layer characteristics, and surface flow topology, company officials say.

"EnSight's ability to plot multiple time-dependent phenomena simultaneously allows us to show students how shock formation and location impact such parameters as lift and drag," Blake says. "We are always looking for new

ways to teach students. Several faculty members are involved in CFD research at the Academy, and as we obtain results, we try to incorporate them into the classroom."

EnSight and EnSight Gold software are used for high-end visualization by scientists at the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy, major national laboratories, and aerospace companies throughout the world, CEI officials say.

EnSight, EnSight Gold, EnLiten, and EnVideo are exclusive products of CEI. The company also provides consulting services to engineers and scientists from organizations that use computational methods for research, product design, or product refinement.

For more information on EnSight, or CEI contact the company by phone at 919-363-0883, by fax at 919-363-0833, by mail at CEI, Inc., 2166 N. Salem St., Suite 101, Apex, N.C. 27502-8208, by email at, or on the World Wide Web at

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