Army reduces friendly fire with infrared combat identification markers

GLENN DALE, Md., 24 August 2005. TVI Corp. today announced it has been awarded a five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide the U.S. Army with near-infrared reflective materials for combat identification of soldiers on the battlefield.

The company's near-infrared reflective material will be sewn directly into the U.S. military's new Army Combat Uniforms (ACU). This initiative represents the Army's commitment to provide its soldiers with the tools they need to minimize "friendly fire."

The material being supplied by TVI includes an American flag emblem that is an infrared feedback signal and separate infrared squares sewn into the shoulders of the uniform to identify troops at night. These elements reflect infrared signals to communicate with equipment carried by friendly forces.

The ACU uniforms are currently in production and are expected to be available to the entire Army by 2007. The Army currently has approximately 259,000 soldiers serving in 120 countries around the world.

Richard V. Priddy, TVI's president and CEO stated, "We are proud to play a role in helping to save the lives of American soldiers in combat. For many years, TVI has supported America's soldiers through infrared targets used to train tank and helicopter personnel for difficult weather and night operations. Now we are broadening that commitment to help minimize injuries and prevent deaths from friendly fire by incorporating near-infrared markers into military uniforms for night operations."

Priddy continued, "We see an expanding market for our infrared marking systems and a growing revenue opportunity for TVI. We are encouraged by the positive response we received from the U.S. military on our multi-spectral infrared landing zone markers, which help prevent aircraft accidents and hard landings in adverse conditions such as sandstorms. With the planned integration of our near-infrared reflective marking material into the Army's newest uniform, we have further strengthened our relationship with the military. We look forward to continuing to develop innovative products to protect U.S. soldiers."

TVI currently holds the U.S. General Services Administration contract for Soldier's Combat Helmet Identification Markers, which attach to a soldier's helmet. When used in conjunction with night vision goggles, the markers allow soldiers to quickly identify one another during combat. Year-to-date, TVI has received nearly $1 million worth of purchase orders for various infrared products.

TVI Corp., located in Glenn Dale, Md., is a global supplier of rapidly deployable first responder systems for homeland security, hospitals, police and fire departments, the military and public health agencies. The company designs, fabricates and markets products and systems both through distributors and directly to end-users and OEMs. These systems include chemical and biological decontamination systems, infection control systems, and powered air respirator systems for individuals. The company's core systems are fabric shelter structures, which employ the Company's proprietary articulating frame. The company also sells a line of thermal products, which includes targets, IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) devices, beacons and markers, and decoys.

During the past several years, TVI's product line has expanded to include Chem/Bio Isolation systems for hospitals and first responders, trailerized first responder products, crime scene investigation systems for police, and mobile hospitals. TVI's products, and others of their kind, represent integral components of a standard decontamination process. For more information, see

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