GEIA releases industry-standard guide to configuration management terms

ARLINGTON, Va., 12 Aug. 2007. The Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA) is releasing an industry-standard data dictionary of unambiguous technical terms, models, and schemas related to configuration management (CM).

The digest of CM terms is embodied in GEIA EIA Standard 836A, Configuration Management Data Exchange and Interoperability, dated March 2007.

GEIA EIA-836A logically extends the CM principles defined in ANSI/EIA-649A "National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management." Its primary benefit is to harmonize the expectations of organizations involved in exchanging CM related data by defining terms related to product design, product instances produced from the design, product operation and support, and proposed product changes.

GEIA EIA-836A is a fundamental reference source for understanding the information relationships involved in the CM process, specifying the content of CM data exchanges, comparing and evaluating systems and tools, mapping databases, and creating accurate and complete CM data models for business-to-business access.

As a common data exchange language for information sharing, it is independent of trading partner information system implementation or method of data transfer and is applicable to many industry domains. It is useful for small businesses and large corporations and for simple web-based and e-mail exchange tools as well as complex enterprise-level product data management systems.

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