Wesgo/Duramic Products offers MACOR machinable glass ceramic

STOURPORT, England, 20 Sept. 2007. Wesgo/Duramic Products in Stourport, England, a business of Morgan Advanced Ceramics (MAC), is offering MACOR machinable glass ceramic (MGC) material for difficult-to-machine components.

This technical ceramic can be fabricated into complex shapes, and is widely used in aerospace, medical, welding and other industries and applications with high-temperature, high-vacuum, and high-electrical-resistance requirements.

MACOR is quickly and inexpensively machined into intricate and precision parts to meet specifications with ordinary metal working tools, not diamond tools, and requires no post firing after machining. It is a white, odorless, porcelain-like material that is non-wetting, exhibits zero porosity, and will not deform like ductile materials.

Able to withstand high temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius, MACOR has a low thermal conductivity and is an electrical insulator at high voltages and various frequencies. Due to its high temperature resistance, it outperforms most plastics, company officials say. It also holds tight tolerances up to .0005 inches.

For more information contact Morgan Advanced Ceramics online at www.morganadvancedceramics.com.

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