FLIR Systems wins $3.5 million order for BRITE Star DP sensor system

PORTLAND, Ore., 15 Juy 2008. FLIR Systems Inc. has received an international order of $3.5 million for its BRITE Star DP stabilized, multisensor systems, including spare parts and select services.

The BRITE Star DP system is a variant of the combat-proven BRITE Star laser designation system. An ally of the U.S. will use the systems for counter-terror interdiction missions.

Work on these orders will be performed at FLIR's facilities in Wilsonville, Ore., and deliveries are expected to be completed within the next 12 months.

"This order, confirming the importance of targeting accuracy to military users, demonstrates FLIR's position as a world-class supplier of laser designation technologies," says Earl R. Lewis, president and CEO of FLIR Systems Inc.

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