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MEMS optical switch with multimode 50-micron core fiber introduced by DiCon Fiberoptics

Posted by John Keller

RICHMOND, Calif., 15 April 2010. DiCon Fiberoptics Inc. in Richmond, Calif., is introducing a MEMS optical switch made with multimode 50-micron core fiber with a port count of as many as 1x8 in one device primarily for military and avionics applications.

Based on a platform that has been qualified to Telcordia GR-1221 (equivalent to certain methods from MIL-STD-883), these fiber optic switches have passed billions of toggling cycles and survive high levels of shock and vibration, temperature cycling, damp heat, dry heat, and other adverse conditions, making them suitable for military and avionics systems.

Packaged in a compact housing, the 1x8 optical switch measures 25 by 16 by 8.5 millimeters, and consumes less than 170 milliwatts of electrical power. The port count can be specified from 1x2 up to 1x8, and can be controlled via either TTL or I2C.

In addition to the standard switch configurations, other configurations and special fiber types are also available. For more information contact DiCon Fiberoptics online at


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