Gripen NG Demonstrator makes debut at Farnborough Airshow

Posted by John McHale


FARNBOROUGH, United Kingdom, 18 July 2010. The Gripen NG Demonstrator from Saab Aerospace will be displayed at the Farnborough International Airshow starting on Monday, 19 July and will be on static display until Friday 23 July.


The Gripen NG Demonstrator is a flying platform for the development of new technologies and features incorporated into the Gripen NG -- the next-generation fighter with increased combat range and endurance, increased payload, and super-cruise capability.


The Gripen NG program offers a new avionics systems structure which will guarantee over 100 percent spare computing capacity and 30 percent spare capacity in all of the aircraft systems. The new structure makes it cost-effective to incorporate new functionality or integrate new hardware.


Saab is now testing all the tactical systems, such as the AESA radar and the new communications system.


"The test program is very extensive, we have finished, and successfully verified, the flight tests of the electro-optical Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) and the new fuel system with larger internal fuel tanks," says Mattias Bergström, the Gripen NG Demonstrator project manager.


The results of the Gripen NG Demonstrator program will be used in existing and new versions of the Gripen specifically tailored to the needs of specific customers, both nationally and for export.







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