Avionics connector inserts from ITT integrate signal, power, Ethernet and fiber optic contacts

SANTA ANA, Calif., 19 Nov. 2010. ITT Interconnect Solutions in Santa Ana, Calif., is introducing avionics connector inserts that combine signal, power, Ethernet, and fiber optic data transmission into one interconnect. The 30Q2, 13Q2, and 17Q2 are weight- and space-saving inserts that can be combined with existing signal, power, and quadrax inserts to develop connector layouts to meet present and future bandwidth requirements.

These connectors are part of ITT's ARINC 600 series avionics connector line. The ARINC 600 series 30Q2, 13Q2 and 17Q2 interconnects are for aerospace applications, such as instrument landing systems, GPS landing systems, flight navigation systems, avionics common data network systems, integrated surveillance systems, and backbone Ethernet network modules.

The ARINC 600 avionics connector 30Q2 model has 28-signal contacts and 2-quadrax contacts in one size-1 insert. The advanced connector is available in standard rear-release, rear-removable pin-and-socket versions as well as a front-release, front-removable socket option. Combining 11-power contacts and 2-quadrax contacts into one size-2 insert, the standard ITT ICS 13Q2 insert is available in rear-release, rear-removable pin-and-socket versions as well as a front-release, front-removable pin version.

The 17Q2 insert has 3-power, 2-quadrax, 12-fiber optic contacts in one size-2 insert, plus ARINC 801 1.25-millimeter genderless termini, which are increasingly preferred in fiber optic systems. All pin-and-socket versions are available with a grommet for applications that require environmental sealing.

For more information contact ITT Interconnect Solutions online at www.ittcannon.com.

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