Sarkozy draws a crowd at Dassault booth at Paris Air Show

Posted by John McHale
PARIS AIR SHOW BLOG, 20 June 2011. Nicolas Sarkozy, presdient of France, caused quite the stir today at Le Bourget airport, site of the Paris Air Show. You coudn't get by the Dassault booth with out security shoving everyone back, but people kept pouring in like it was a rock star getting a hair cut.
I'm sure everyone would love to have Mr. Sarkozy drop by their booth for draw potential ... but then again everyone who dropped by couldn't get within 30 feet of him -- so they didn't really drop by the booth, so to speak. Then when he was off to check out the static display of aircraft, the crowd followed him instead of perusing the technology from Dassault.
Well, I didn't fiollow him or check out the Dassualt displays... I had to go learn how the guys from Moog were turning a crop duster into a killing machine.

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