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Army and Marine Corps choose SINCGARS ground-mobile antennas from ITT Corp.

CLIFTON, N.J., 14 Oct. 2011. U.S. Army and Marine Corps communications experts needed ground-mobile antennas for the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS). They found their solution from the ITT Corp. Electronic Systems segment in Clifton, N.J. ITT won a $69 million contract to provide SINCGARS ground mobile antennas.

The SINCGARS ground mobile antenna is for military applications and is mounted to a spring assembly that absorbs shock and vibration. The antenna is also available in a tripod version, which can be deployed on ground-mobile vehicles or fixed sites.

Annually, ITT produces more than 50,000 antennas, which are built by the ITT Antennas Products & Technologies business in Bohemia, N.Y. More than 530,000 SINCGARS radios have been delivered for more than 120 ground vehicles.

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