Rugged composite connectors introduced by Spectrum Control for avionics and military applications

FAIRVIEW, Pa., 6 Oct. 2011. Spectrum Control Inc. in Fairview, Pa., is introducing composite connectors designed to replace traditional metal connector shells for substantial weight reduction in applications where weight is a critical factor, such as avionics and others in the military and aerospace industries, Spectrum Control officials say. Spectrum Control is a division of API Technologies in Orlando, Fla.

These composite connectors have shells built from high-grade thermoplastic, and include circular connectors in MIL-38999 series III and IV, available electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtered or unfiltered. The composite shell maintains the form, fit, and function of the original connector shell. Spectrum Control also offers a premium line of compact and extended shell EMI-filtered connectors that can meet military specifications.

Users can design any custom EMI filtered or unfiltered connector to fit exact specifications, including military or similar QPL connectors.

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