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Rugged connector for handheld electronics like GPS units and smart phones introduced by ITT Interconnect

SANTA ANA, Calif., 25 Oct. 2011. ITT Interconnect Solutions in Santa Ana, Calif., is offering the Dome Spring Contact (DSC) high-reliability dry circuit leaf contact for consumer electronic handheld devices such as smart phones, handsets, GPS units, laptop computers, PC card devices, smoke detectors, and home electronics devices. The rugged connector provides a high Hertz force of 300K psi with a maximum contact force of 0.5N.

The design eliminates the risk of flux and solder migration into the contact working area, while being pick-and-place compatible, company officials say.

Available in a variety of contact forces and a working height range of 0.9 to 4.5 millimeters, the DSC features a high interconnect mating cycle of 3,000. The 2-amp nominal current contact is manufactured with beryllium copper or titanium copper, which offers an inherently low contact resistance.

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