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500-Watt, 800-micron, water-cooled laser stack based, fiber-coupled module introduced by DILAS

MAINZ, Germany, 23 Nov. 2011. DILAS in Mainz, Germany, is introducing the QCW fiber-coupled water-cooled laser stacks for medical applications, such as hair removal.

With a QCW operating mode with as much as 30 percent duty cycle, these actively cooled, fiber-coupled, stacks deliver scalable output power up to 500 Watts at 808, 940 and 976 nanometers from an 800-micron core diameter fiber with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.22, resulting in high coupling efficiency.

With these fiber-coupled stacks the stack itself can be installed inside the laser system and the fiber delivers the light to the hand piece which makes the hand piece less sensitive to shock and thus easier to handle.

Devices are available with optional features to include an integrated pilot beam, fiber interlock, and user exchangeable protection window. Custom wavelengths are available upon request.

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