75-Watt DC-DC converters for avionics, military, and missile applications introduced by GAIA Converter

LE HAILLAN, France, 10 Nov. 2011. GAIA Converter in Le Haillan, France, is introducing MGDS-75-S series of high-input-voltage DC-DC converters for avionics, aerospace, military, and missile applications. The power electronics devices have an input voltage range of 155 to 480 volts, making them suitable for 270-volt applications that must meet MIL-STD-704E/F.

The family of rugged power supplies consists of five separate single-output models offering 3.3-, 5-, 12-, 15-, and 26-volt outputs, each capable of delivering as much as 75 Watts in the industry standard quarter brick measuring 57.9 by 36.8 by 12.7 millimeters. The units have plus-or-minus 10 percent voltage trim capability.

Efficiency levels are as high as 92 percent, and the standard operating temperature range is -40 to 105 degrees Celsius case temperature, with an option available for -55 C start-up operation. The have protection functions such as under voltage lockout, over voltage protection, current limit, and over temperature protection. All units are permanently short circuit proof .

The MGDS-75-S does not use optocouplers in the feedback loop, and operates using a fixed switching frequency of 500 kHz. They can be operated at zero load, and employ soft start circuitry. Users can synchronize several devices to force one overall switching frequency, or connect them to an external frequency source.

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