Hermetically sealed LoopBack relay for harsh-environment applications introduced by Teledyne Relays

HAWTHORNE, Calif., 13 Nov. 2011. Teledyne Relays in Hawthorne, Calif., is introducing a hermetically sealed LoopBack relay for aerospace, defense, and other harsh-environment applications. The power electronics device combines the technology of two Teledyne RF300 series relays and eliminates the need for external circuit board traces in loop-back test applications for high signal integrity and RF performance, while taking minimal board space.

The relay is designed for digital signaling applications that require excellent signal integrity at data rates as fast as 12 gigabits per second. The relay construction provides two internal paths: through and AC Bypass. While the through path provides a loop-back path across high performance contact material the AC Bypass path adds a coupling capacitor across each loop-back path.

The in-line capacitors allow designers to remove the footprints for external components by performing AC bypass functions internally. The typical loop-back ATE application uses the device under test (DUT) to test itself. In this method, the transmitter from the DUT is connected, through a loop back path, to the receiver of the DUT.

The double pole design of the relay is perfectly suited for differential signaling, allowing one component to provide, transmit and receive signals and their inversions to the DUT, and through the bypass path. The relay measures 20.45 by 9.52 millimeters, and offers a choice of through-hole or surface-mount capability.

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