Pocket-sized analog FM radio test sets for go/no-go radio tests in the field introduced by Rohde & Schwarz

MUNICH, Germany, 27 Nov. 2011. test and measurement specialist Rohde & Schwarz in Munich, Germany, is introducing the Rohde & Schwarz CTH family of portable radio test sets for to test analog FM radios in the field. The CTH test and measurement family has two test sets that perform frequency and power measurements on transmitters and receivers. The Rohde & Schwarz CTH200A also finds cable faults between the radio and the antenna and performs over the-air measurements.

The test sets enable users to check the functionality of radios before putting them into operation. The RF test sets are for the military, fire departments, police agencies, oil rigs, and other analog FM radio applications, Rohde & Schwarz officials say.

The Rohde & Schwarz CTH100A and CTH200A pocket-sized test sets are for routine testing, and help test whether their FM radios function properly before use. The battery-operated test sets measure 4.05 by 9.95 by 1.45 inches, weigh about 1.2 pounds, and have aluminum enclosures.

The test sets are splash-proof in line with IP54, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions found in the field. To use the test units, users connect the radio or antenna and press a few buttons to perform go/no go tests. results, settings, and status show on a display.

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