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Securing the cloud: LynuxWorks and TransLattice join forces to help secure sensitive data in cloud computing

SAN JOSE, Calif., 15 Dec. 2011. LynuxWorks Inc. in San Jose, Calif., is joining hands with TransLattice Inc. in Santa Clara, Calif., to provide information security for sensitive cloud computing data and applications. The companies have ported the TransLattice Application Platform 2.0 onto the LynxSecure separation kernel and hypervisor to provide security, availability, scalability and resilience for migration of data and applications to secure cloud computing.

LynxSecure enables several guest operating systems and their applications to run securely on one platform by isolating applications into separate partitions to prevent unintended or dangerous software interactions.

Security policies defined by the system administrator and enforced by LynxSecure controls any communication between the secure partitions. The TransLattice Application Platform provides system resilience and data control. Underlying the platform is a geographically distributed relational database.

The platform aggregates physical appliances and cloud instances into a network of distributed computing resources that run enterprise applications. There are two types of policy rules that dictate how and where data can be stored. Redundancy policy rules define how many copies to store of a specific set of data. Location policy rules define where a specific set of data can or cannot be stored.

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