BAE Systems gets QML-V nod for RH1020B rad-hard FPGA for space and military applications

MANASSAS, Va., 29 Jan. 2012. Officials of rad-hard electronics specialist BAE Systems Electronic Solutions in Manassas, Va., has received QML-V approval and qualification from the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land and Maritime division in Columbus, Ohio, for the BAE Systems RH1020B field programmable gate array (FPGA) for military and space applications such as satellites and strategic weapon systems that require radiation-hardened integrated circuits. The standard microcircuit drawing is SMD 5962R90965.

The RH1020B rad-hard FPGA is fabricated using the BAE Systems rad-hard 0.8-micron epitaxial bulk complementary metal-oxide semiconductor process. It offers 3,000 equivalent system gate density, and is radiation tolerant to more than 150 kilorads of total-dose radiation.

The device also has low single-event upset susceptibility, high-dose rate survivability, and latchup immunity, BAE Systems officials say. The rad-hard FPGA offers anti-fuse technology that is reliable as a non-volatile user-programmable device.

RH1020B FPGA devices are offered in a space qualified 84 lead ceramic quad flatpack package, and are available now. BAE Systems also manufactures and sells the larger RH1280B FPGA, a 12,000 equivalent system gate device, available in a 172-lead ceramic quad flatpack package.

For more information contact BAE Systems Electronic Solutions online at, or DLA Land and Maritime at


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