Digital oscilloscope for test and measurement in aerospace and defense introduced by Rigol

OAKWOOD VILLAGE, Ohio, 10 June 2012. Rigol Technologies Inc. in Oakwood Village, Ohio, is introducing the DS2000 digital oscilloscope for research and development engineers, production test engineers, and advanced researchers involved test & measurement in aerospace and defense, communications, industrial, computing, instrumentation, and consumer electronics applications.

The test and measurement instrument offers bandwidths to 200 MHz and a vertical range of 500 microvolts per division to 10 volts per division, as well as a low noise floor, for capturing small signals (story continues below).

The DS2000 digital oscilloscope has two channels, bandwidth options of 70 MHz, 100 MHz or 200 MHz, and a maximum sample rate of 2 gigasamples per second. The device has a standard memory depth to 14 megapoints, extendable to 56 megapoints.

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The oscilloscope has an eight-inch WVGA display capable of 256 levels of intensity grading. Additional options for advanced triggering modes and serial decoding are available.

For more information contact Rigol Technologies online at

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