Marshall Aerospace positions itself as innovative engineering partner

FARNBOROUGH, England, 12 July 2012. Marshall Aerospace is building relationships with existing customers and strategic partners, including a number of leading airframe manufacturers in the military and commercial sectors, and is being entrusted to design and implement modifications to recent and yet-to-launch platforms.

Marshall Aerospace will become the first commercial company to install Hercules C-130 center wing boxes, says a company spokesperson. The representative also announced increasing interest in Marshall Aerospace’s Integrated Operational Support (IOS) service, a variant of which has made the C-130 one of the RAF’s most cost-effective transport platforms (i.e., low flying hour cost). The IOS model has the potential to be applied to other platforms, he adds.

Meeting the growing demand for advanced composites in the aerospace and defense sector is also high on the company’s agenda. The Marshall Group’s multimillion-pound investment in Marshall Slingsby for the procurement of design, manufacturing, test tools and equipment, facility refurbishments, and training.

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