Silent Eagle next-gen joint helmet mounted cueing system by Boeing integrated on demonstrator aircraft

ST. LOUIS, 1 August 2012. Boeing [NYSE: BA] has validated the integration of the next-generation joint helmet mounted cueing system II/h (JHMCS II/h) on the company's F-15 Silent Eagle demonstrator aircraft, continuing the development of the advanced multi-role jet fighter.

The JHMCS II/h enables a pilot to aim sensors and weapons wherever he or she is looking, through the use of new head-tracking technology and a display projected onto the helmet's visor. Produced by Vision Systems International (VSI), this system provides improved ergonomics and reliability than VSI’s prior JHMCS system.

A recent flight in St. Louis demonstrated the system's enhancements and collected baseline data for the head-tracking technology. The JHMCS II/h system features a more balanced helmet and a smaller, lighter interface cable.

The new head-tracking technology requires less support equipment than previous trackers. Electronics enhancements enable all processing to be done within the helmet, eliminating a large amount of the aircraft-mounted equipment.

The system provides an easy transition in flight between day and night modes, increasing mission flexibility. VSI also uses maturing display and tracking technologies in the system to reduce the complexity of integrating the JHMCS II/h system on an aircraft.

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