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Rugged nanominiature connectors for smart munitions and UAVs introduced by TE Connectivity

HARRISBURG, Pa., 22 Aug. 2012. TE Connectivity (TE) in Harrisburg, Pa., is introducing nanominiature connectors with high reliability, low contact resistance, and wide operation temperature ranges for applications in space, smart munitions, missile defense, aircraft communications, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Nanominiature connectors are 10 times smaller in volume and about 10 percent the weight of a standard Micro-D connector with the same number of positions, TE Connectivity officials say.

TE's nano interconnect technology also offers voltage ratings of 500 volts at sea and 500 mating cycles. The connectors offer high reliability and space and weight-sensitive requirements.

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"Nanominiature connectors are designed for rugged applications, with the capability of withstanding significant levels of shock and vibration, salt spray, outgassing, and other environmental and mechanical hazards," explains Scott Cairns, product manager at TE Aerospace, Defense & Marine.

The nanominiature connectors are available with temperature ranges as wide as -200 to 200 degrees Celsius. They are available in single-row configurations with 5 to 51 contacts and double-row configurations with 9 to 65 contacts.

They come with machined aluminum shells, with a variety of platings, as well as stainless steel shells for extra sturdiness or plastic shells for added weight savings. They also are available in environmentally sealed circular configurations.

The connectors can be supplied with flying leads, as jumper assemblies, or as custom harnesses with multiple connectors. Due to the small size of the contacts, wire sizes are 30 AWG and smaller. PC board styles include through-hole, surface-mount, and edge-board mount.

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