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Rugged VITA 63 OpenVPX circuit board connectors from Hypertronics designed for shock and vibration

HUDSON, Mass., 12 Sept. 2012. Hypertronics Corp. in Hudson, Mass., is introducing the KVPX (VITA 63) family of rugged connectors for military embedded systems that must operate in harsh operating conditions and withstand the effects of shock and vibration.

KVPX is for mission-critical embedded computing systems in high-performance space, military, and aerospace embedded computing applications. VITA 63 is an alternative backplane and daughter card connector for OpenVPX systems.

The KVPX uses the hyperboloid pin and socket technology interfaced to the wafers, resulting in a robust, high speed, and durable interconnect for VPX-based printed circuit boards.

These components include the 3U and 6U form factors. Hypertac Hyperboloid technology also offers low insertion and extraction forces, low contact resistance, and mating cycles.

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The connector "supports high speed data transfer rates and exceeds minimum VITA requirements as well as meeting footprint requirements on virtually any VITA 46/48 application," says Hypertronics President Vadim Radunsky.

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