Rugged 3U PCI Express Mini Card for wireless applications introduced by MEN Micro

AMBLER, Pa., 24 Sept. 2012. MEN Micro Inc., in Ambler, Pa., is introducing the F223 3U PCI Express Mini Card carrier for wireless GPS, WLAN and UMTS to GSM and HSDPA applications with frequent location or rate-related network changes.

The board features two PCI Express Mini Card slots with USB and PCI Express connections, two SIM card slots and is expandable to 18 SIM slots. Each embedded computing card incorporates two or three redundant SMA antenna connectors on the front panel to guarantee the most stable connection over different frequency ranges.

The two PCI Express Mini Cards on the F223 can be reset and powered on and off separately without having to reset the whole system. The board enables each of the two PCI Express Mini Cards to control as many as eight additional SIM cards to accommodate a maximum of 18 SIM cards on one carrier board.

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The F223 operates in temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, and is conformally coated for use in harsh and mobile environments. For more information contact MEN Micro online at

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