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VITA 62 six-channel 3U OpenVPX embedded computing power supply introduced by Dawn VME

FREMONT, Calif., 10 Oct. 2012. Dawn VME Products in Fremont, Calif., is introducing the PSC-6236 universal AC input VITA 62-compliant six-channel 3U OpenVPX power supply with as much as 400 Watts output for air- or conduction-cooled embedded computing systems.

The PSC-6236 power electronics device features a mission critical wide temperature range at high power on a 1-inch pitch. VITA 62 defines connector configuration, power generation requirements, utility, functionality, and form factor for power modules mating to a VPX backplane VITA 62 power supply slot.

The PSC-6236 has a power input range of 85 to 264 volts AC at 47 to 400 Hz, and offers current sharing with as many as four power supplies for outputs of 12, 5, and 3.3 volts. The Dawn PSC-6236 can be special ordered to support high-current single-channel applications, company officials say.

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Models are available for air-cooled, conduction-to-bulkhead cooled, and conduction-to-wedge-lock-cooled applications. The PSC-6236 is designed to MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704F, and MIL-STD-810F.

Dawn embedded Rugged System Health Monitor measures voltage, current, and temperature on each rail to control power supply parameters. Onboard microprocessor and firmware provide real-time over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature control.

The PSC-6236 front I/O panel includes an LED status indicator, a USB port for field firmware upgrades, and VBAT battery access for support of the VPX memory backup power bus.

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