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Avionics Europe launches interactive panel discussion on cockpit displays

MUNICH, 6 Nov. 2012. The staff of Avionics Europe, the premier avionics conference and exhibition in Europe, and Avionics Intelligence, the online news resource dedicated to the global aviation community, added an interactive panel discussion to the 2013 conference program.

The full Avionics Europe 2013 conference program takes place over two full days, 20 and 21 Feb. 2013, in Munich. The panel discussion on cockpit displays, scheduled for the morning of 21 Feb. 2013, follows a 1.5-hour discussion on civil and military cockpit command and control, with a focus on the latest products, trends, and technologies related to displays, flight decks, software, and electronic flight bags (EFBs).

“Pilot situational awareness is among the hottest topics in the aviation community today, and for good reason,” admits Courtney E. Howard, conference director of Avionics Europe 2013 and executive editor of Avionics Intelligence and Military & Aerospace Electronics. “Few people refute a pilot’s need for complete, accurate, and up-to-the-minute information about his or her surroundings. Such knowledge holds the potential to speed decision-making, increase air traffic control/air traffic management (ATC/ATM) accuracy and throughput, and enhance safety.

“The means and manner by which this situational awareness information is delivered—whether by head-up displays (HUDs), head-down displays (HDDs), helmet-mounted displays (HMDs), enhanced vision systems (EVS), or synthetic vision systems (SVS)—is and has been a hotly debated issue,” Howard affirms. “It’s an issue we on the Avionics Europe and Avionics Intelligence team plan to tackle alongside innovators in the industry, including knowledgeable engineers, executives, end users such as civil and defense pilots, and avionics regulation and certification experts.”  

To that end, Howard welcomes industry insights on head-up and head-down displays, enhanced vision systems and synthetic vision systems, and related regulations, certifications, and standards by e-mail at She is also in the process of assembling and accepting referrals for Avionics Intelligence’s Arsenal of Experts on the topic of cockpit command and control, including situational awareness.

Avionics Intelligence will host a “HUDs vs. HDDs primer” Webcast in January, leading up to the Avionics Europe event ( Webcast sponsorship opportunities exist; contact for information.

Those interested in attending Avionics Europe 2013 can register online at

Avionics Europe exhibit space is still available; contact James McAuley at or Kelly Barker at  


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