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Dual-port 10 gigabit mezzanine card for military applications introduced by Kontron

ECHING, Germany, 25 Nov. 2012. Kontron in Eching, Germany, is introducing the XMC402 dual-port 10 gigabit mezzanine card for embedded computing in military, communications, transportation, and industrial automation applications.

The card can help systems designers upgrade their communications structures to 10 gigabit bandwidth. The Express Mezzanine Card (XMC) features the 10 gigabit Intel Ethernet Controller X540 and two copper interfaces.

Existing infrastructures with common CAT6+ cables are sufficient to establish 10 gigabit interconnects. Designers can increase the bandwidth of existing installations by adding the XMC402 without replacing existing CompactPCI, VME, and VPX boards, Kontron officials say.

The card can help unburden the CPU by using intelligent mechanisms, such as Checksum Offload, TCP Segmentation Offload, and reduced interrupt operations.

Host boards that feature the 3rd generation Intel Core processor and integrate the PCI-Express controller in the processor, again profit from additional bandwidth and low latency: with Intel Data Direct I/O technology, the Kontron XMC402 can communicate directly with the processor cache bypassing the system memory.

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