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Rochester ramps-up manufacturing of aftermarket Intel microcontrollers for military applications

NEWBURYPORT, Mass., 30 Nov. 2012. Aftermarket electronics specialist Rochester Electronics in Newburyport, Mass., is manufacturing the Intel 87C196KC family of high-performance CMOS 16- and 20-bit microcontrollers for harsh-environment military, industrial, and automotive applications.

Rochester also has reintroduced Intel's 8XC196KB, KC, and KD series advanced 16-BIT CMOS microcontrollers, and 80C18XEA, EB, EC and XL microprocessors.

Rochester is manufacturing military versions of the 87C196KB, KC, KD and 80C186EB, 80C186XL devices and is manufacturing its own metal window lids used on the military versions of MX87C196KX (MG, MQ, KC, KD).

Rochester offers these Intel devices in a variety of configurations, speeds and packages, including military-grade, industrial-grade, automotive-grade, and commercial.

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Rochester has re-manufactured the standard 80C186, 80C187, and 80C287 devices, and can manufacture many of the Intel devices to meet RoHS compliance, a feature not found in the original series of microcontrollers.

Rochester manufactures the 87C169KC series microcontrollers; 80 and 87C196KB, KC, and KD series microcontrollers; and 80C18XEA, EB, EC and XL microprocessors with authorization and cooperation from Intel and built to the original performance standards using wafer and die acquired from Intel or re-created from Intel IP.

Rochester is installing the original process and will manufacture new wafers for the 80C186EA and XL series microcontrollers by early 2013. Rochester plans to reintroduce the following Intel products by the end of 2013: 80C196KB, 87C196KB, 80C196KC, 87C196KC, 80C196KD, 87C196KD, 80C186EA, 80C186EB, 80C186EC, 80C186XL, 80C188EA, 80C188EB, 80C188EC, and 80C188XL microcontrollers.

"For re-created products, Rochester performs characterization testing on both the new Rochester version as well as original Intel product. By having a reasonable match, we can guarantee Rochester product will work as expected in customer applications," says George Karalias, director of marketing and communications at Rochester Electronics.

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