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Army to brief industry on developments and needs for keeping soldiers safe in vehicles

WARREN, Mich., 9 Nov. 2012. U.S. Army combat vehicle researchers will brief industry on technology developments intended to keep infantry soldiers safe while riding in combat vehicles from 1:30 to 4 p.m. eastern time on 16 Nov. at the Army's Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Mich.

The briefings, by officials of the Army's Force Protection Occupant Centric Platform (OCP) Technology Enabled Capabilities Demonstration (TECD) will concern science and technology accomplishments for protecting soldiers in underbody blast, crash and rollover events.

The OCP TECD seeks to identify, develop, and integrate technologies that will protect occupants of Army ground vehicles from roadside bomb explosions, crashes, and rollovers while maintaining or improving the mobility of the vehicle while reducing the weight for that protection.

The OCP TECD addresses gaps in occupant protection; blast research, crash and rollover mitigation, vehicle interiors for protecting occupants, and ground vehicle exterior technologies.

The intent is to provide safe and affordable military ground vehicles for small units conducting patrol, convoy, and transport activities; conducting movement operations in support of unit mission; or vehicles collecting data or aiding wounded.

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“We know that we need greater influx of technology innovation supporting science and technology efforts,” says Steve Knott associate director of Ground Systems Survivability at the Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center. “This daylong session is another way that we are bringing in transition partners early so they – along with project managers – can shape what we are doing.”

Electronic technologies involved in OCP TECD efforts include sensors, automatic fire extinguishers, systems integration, and test and measurement. Briefings will be in the Detroit Arsenal auditorium, Building 200, 6501 E. 11 Mile Road in Warren Mich.

The OCP TECD briefings will provide industry with current status of the program, and accomplishments and results achieved thus far. Briefings will concern standards, guidelines and procedures for occupant protection; test preparation procedures for underbody blast testing; interior occupant protection technologies and methodologies; vehicle structures and flooring systems; and underbody blast modeling and simulation tools.

Those attending must be U.S. citizens. Those who want to attend must register by 9 Nov. E-mail company name, attendee names, and attendee e-mail addresses to

For questions or concerns contact the Army's Mike Adrian by phone at 586-282-8876 or by e-mail at, or the Army's Carl Middleswart by phone at 586-282-6065 or by e-mail at

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