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Octal discrete-to-digital sensing IC with lightning protection introduced by Holt

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., 9 Dec. 2012. Holt Integrated Circuits in Mission Viejo, Calif., is introducing the HI-8425 3.3-volt octal discrete-to-digital sensing integrated circuit (IC) with quad low-side drivers and built-in lightning protection for commercial avionics and military avionics applications.

The device complies to Airbus ABD0100H, and is for aircraft sensing applications such as hatch-open and wheels-up indicators. The built-in driver outputs are for driving relays or display panel warning lights.

Eight sensing channels may be configured to detect either GND/Open or 28-volt/Open, with programmable thresholds and hysteresis. The device operates from a 3-to-5.5-volt power supply with sense detection levels from 2 volts to 21 volts.

In addition, four low-side output drivers can drive 200-milliamp loads. Each individual driver has over-current shutdown protection, with fault detection signaled on external pins.

The HI-8426 is a more compact version of the HI-8425, with the same functionality minus individual fault detection pins. Fault detection is still functionally realized in the HI-8426 using a single-pin combined ORed output.

The devices are available in industrial versions that operate in temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, or in extended-temperature versions that operate in -55 to 125 C.

Standard package options include 44-pin PQFQ and compact 40-pin or 32-pin QFNs. For more information contact Holt online at

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