DHS surveys industry for wireless IP mesh technology for covert federal law enforcement

WASHINGTON, 13 Dec. 2012. Wireless communications experts at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in Washington are surveying industry to gauge available capability for wireless IP mesh transceivers for video data by federal law enforcement agencies.

DHS on Tuesday issued a sources-sought notice (HSHQDC-13-R-00013) for the Wireless Internet Protocol (IP) Mesh Products RFI for available transceivers for wireless mesh networks (WMNs), which are communications networks made up of radio nodes organized in a mesh topology.

Mesh clients can be laptop computers, cell phones, and other wireless devices while the mesh routers forward traffic to and from the gateways that connect to the Internet. These transceivers will be for covert federal law enforcement investigations.

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DHS officials primarily are interested in transceivers that are capable of self-forming and self-healing into a mobile network and providing non-line-of-site wireless coverage that operate on authorized federal government-only radio frequencies and provide to 256 AES encryption.

DHS wants to hear from companies that have this kind of wireless mesh transceiver technology available now, or available before 2014. Through this RFI, DHS is seeking to determine industry capability to provide wireless IP mesh transceiver products able to meet covert federal law enforcement investigation goals.

Companies interested should respond no later than 11 Jan. 2013 with capability assessments and product descriptions. Respond by email to DHS's Kimberly Hodge at DHSTechOps@HQ.DHS.Gov.

For questions or concerns contact Kimberly Hodge by phone at 202-447-0514, or by email at DHSTechOps@HQ.DHS.Gov, or the DHS's Ken Arena by phone at 202-447-0127, or by email at

Email questions specifically about this request for information to Kimberly Hodge no later than 17 Dec. 2012 to DHSTechOps@HQ.DHS.Gov, and put the words "Mesh RFI Question" in the subject line.

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