Lightning protection for RF communications networks introduced by Times Microwave

WALLINGFORD, Conn., 2 Dec. 2012. Times Microwave Systems in Wallingford, Conn., is introducing the Times-Protect LP-18-400-N series of DC pass RF surge and lightning protection products with a frequency operating band from DC to 6000 MHz.

The LP-18-400-N series is for any RF communications application requiring RF only or RF plus DC voltage and current to power tower top mounted electronics. The LP-18-400-N body is IP67 rated making it suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installations and its white bronze plated housing ensures durability and long life.

This bidirectional design with either a type N male or type N female connector on one end can attach to LMR-400 cable via the same standard EZ non-solder interface used on other EZ-400 non-solder style connectors and uses the same CST-400 prep tool and either the CT-400/300 crimp tool or combination of the HX-4 crimp handle and Y1719 (0.429" hex) crimp dies for installation.

The protector handles as much as 150 Watts of RF power and allows for as much as 72 volts of DC voltage to be supplied on the center pin of the coaxial cable, which eliminates the two connectors normally needed.

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