Cockpit display innovators to convene at Avionics Europe 2013

AVIONICS EUROPE, 9 Jan. 2013. Avionics professionals will participate in a lively and informative interactive panel on cockpit display trends and technologies—including head-up and head-down displays (HUD/HDD), enhanced and synthetic vision systems, and other pilot situational-awareness challenges and solutions—during the Avionics Europe conference and exhibition in Munich next month.

“Few humans would disagree that of our five senses, sight and touch are perhaps the most important. Avionics displays embody sight and touch via an increasingly important role for pilots, crew, passengers, and maintenance personnel alike,” affirms Vance Hilderman, president of Atego HighRely

Avionics professionals, from pilots to systems engineers, require “increased knowledge of automated tools, connectivity, and integrated functionality, as well as the rapidly changing supplier landscape and commercial device convergence. We’ll address these topics at Avionics Europe 2013 in Munich,” Hilderman adds.  

A panel of industry professionals from some of the hottest commercial, general, and military aviation technology firms will discuss and debate:

The current roster of panelists includes:


Avionics Europe 2013 will take place 20 and 21 Feb. 2013 in Munich. Register online at

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