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Board connectors and cable assemblies for SAS 2.1 and SAS 3.0 signaling introduced by FCI

ETTERS, Pa., 30 Jan. 2013. Connector specialist FCI Electronics in Etters, Pa., is introducing the MINI-SAS HD line of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) board connectors and cable assemblies for applications that require 6-gigabit-per-second SAS 2.1 and 12-gigabit-per-second SAS 3.0 protocol signaling.

These products will meet the needs hardware applications that otherwise might require either external I/O systems (with EMI provisions) or internal I/O systems, FCI officials say.

The Mini-SAS HD internal board connectors come in 1-by-1, 1-by-2, and 1-by-4 configurations, and assure consistent electrical and mechanical performance, company officials say. The interface and latching features comply with SFF-8643 standards.

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The mating Mini-SAS HD internal cable assembly features internal Mini-SAS HD to Mini-SAS HD cable configurations and internal Mini-SAS HD to Mini-SAS legacy cables with sideband signaling for low-speed signal transmission.

The high-speed signal uses the 3M planar twin-axial raw cable, which enables either straight or right angle cable routing without signal performance degradation, FCI officials say.

The Mini-SAS HD board connector helps systems designs switch from 6-gigabit-per-second to 12-gigabit-per-second signal speeds. Internal Mini-SAS HD cable assemblies come in 4i and 8i configurations on the Mini-SAS HD end of the cable assemblies as specified in SFF-8643.

The cables also offer controller-to-backplane or controller-to-controller sideband signaling patterns. Samples are available on request.

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