Real-time software from LynuxWorks takes flight on Gulfstream G280 business jet avionics

SAN DIEGO, 31 Jan. 2013. Avionics designers at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids Iowa, and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. needed a DO-178 safety-critical-software-certified real-time operating system for the Rockwell Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics suite aboard the Gulfstream G280 large-cabin midrange business jet. They found their solution from LynuxWorks Inc. in San Jose, Calif.

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics that uses LynxOS-178 avionics software is now in service on the Gulfstream G280, marks the system's debut in the super mid-size business jet market segment, LynuxWorks announced this week at the AFCEA West conference and trade show in San Diego.

Earlier this year, LynuxWorks received Advisory Circular AC 20-148 approval from the FAA for reusable software components (RSC) authorized for the LynxOS-178 product used in the Rockwell Collins adaptive flight display runtime, common computing module runtime, data concentration module runtime and synthetic vision module runtime for Pro Line Fusion.

LynxOS-178 addresses FAA certification by providing a time, space and resource partitioned commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) operating system that satisfies the objectives of the DO-178B, level A and the ARINC 653 standard as well as full conformance with the IEEE POSIX Standard.

Using LynxOS-178 and its RSC approval allows avionics integrators and developers to take advantage of the existing certification of the LynxOS-178 components for new systems and platforms. The RSC acceptance letter from the FAA for LynxOS-178 can be used to support virtually any FAA Technical Standard Order.

LynxOS-178 is a COTS RTOS that meets the DO-178B level A specification, and delivers security and real-time performance for safety-critical systems and provides a low-risk path to DO-178B certification for developers to meet the technical requirements in the production of software for airborne systems, LynuxWorks officials say. In addition, LynxOS-178 provides POSIX conformance.

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The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington certified the Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system from Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for use on the Gulfstream PlaneView280 flight deck last September.

The Pro Line Fusion avionics system includes: three high-resolution, 15-inch diagonal liquid crystal displays; the Rockwell Collins MultiScan Threat Detection System; graphical flight planning and integrated flight information system (IFIS) with electronic charts, enhanced maps, and graphical weather to reduce pilot workload; technologies to accommodate the latest airspace requirements, including Future Air Navigation System Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication (FANS CPDLC), dual advanced Flight Management Systems with Wide Area Augmentation System Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (WAAS/LPV), Required Navigation Performance (RNP) capabilities, and a Traffic Surveillance System with Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) capabilities.

Addition of an optional head-up guidance system (HGS) with enhanced vision capability to the flight deck further improves operational efficiency, especially in low-visibility conditions.

Rockwell Collins’ HGS, an advanced head-up display with a high-integrity computer, provides pilots with essential flight information and guidance for all phases of flight, from safe and efficient takeoffs to stable and smooth touchdowns, says a representative. The HGS also is an option on Gulfstream G350 and G500 aircraft, and comes standard on the G450, G550, and G650.

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