Military radio that transmits simultaneously on wideband and narrowband introduced by Thales

CLARKSBURG, Md., 29 Jan. 2013. Thales Communications Inc. in Clarksburg, Md., is introducing the MBITR2 multiband inter/intra team military radio with two radios in one form factor; the handheld radio provides simultaneous two-channel narrowband and wideband operations.

The military communications device, which builds on technology Thales developed for the narrowband AN/PRC-148 radio and the wideband AN/PRC-154 radio, is designed to provide infantrymen with the ability to integrate into the wideband tactical IP and voice network.

The radio uses the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) wideband channel while simultaneously maintains connectivity with existing military radios by using its narrowband channel, Thales officials say.

The MBITR2 retains interoperability with existing fielded radios and addresses requirements for a next generation, wideband, networking handheld radio, Thales officials say.

The radio retains the existing AN/PRC-148 JEM Type-1 capabilities and waveforms; adds a second wideband channel to provide networking, data, and video capability; supports fielded ancillaries; and offers embedded GPS satellite navigation and positioning.

Thales is positioning the MBITR2 as a low-risk and cost-effective upgrade path for the AN/PRC-148 radio.

The common look and feel of the MBITR2 minimizes training, provides for common logistics support, and retains compatibility with the existing installed base of ancillaries, Thales officials say.

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