Marine Corps to brief industry 31 Jan. on hybrid power generation plans for the battlefield

ORLANDO, Fla., 3 Jan. 2013. U.S. Marine Corps power electronics researchers will brief industry 31 Jan. on a project to develop a non-grid-tied hybrid power system intended to augment traditional generators on the battlefield.

Hybrid power combines ways of generating and storing electrical power, such as blending photovoltaics, wind turbines, and fuel generators. Hybrid energy storage media can include batteries or hydrogen for later use in fuel cells.

The Mobile Electric Hybrid Power Sources (MEHPS) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) program seeks to develop a smart power system able to generate 300 Watts to 800 kilowatts of power in the field for fuel savings, increased combat capability, light warfighter loads, and reduced logistics risks.

Industry briefings will be from noon to 2 p.m. on 31 Jan. 2013 at The Clubs, 3017 Russell Road, on Quantico Marine Corps Base, Va. Companies interested in attending should register by email at, with the subject line MEHPS AoA Brief to Industry.

Sponsoring the briefings are officials of the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) Contracts Office in Orlando, Fla. MARCORSYSCOM headquarters are at Quantico Marine Corps Base, Va.

At the briefings Marine Corps power electronics experts will discuss Power requirements, distinct power demand bands, transportation limitations of each power demand band; power profiles to evaluate alternatives and sensitivity analysis; modeling analyze MEHPS performance; MEHPS system attributes; and the influence of MEHPS renewable energy, battery storage, and non-grid-tied micro-grids.

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The MEHPS system will build on technologies developed for the Experimental Forward Operating Base (ExFOB) demonstration and deployment in Afghanistan in 2010, which was the first-ever hybrid power system.

Hybrid power systems will be the focus of the next Experimental Forward Operating Base demonstration (ExFOB 2013-1) this spring. A request for information (RFI) for ExFOB 2013-1 is forthcoming, Marine Corps officials say.

In the registration email include company name; company address; full name of attendee (limit three persons per company); attendee title; attendee phone number; and attendee e-mail address.

Attendance at the brief is voluntary and is not required to propose to subsequent solicitations. For questions or concerns contact the Marine Corps's Berniece Washington by phone at 703-432-0982, or by email at

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