GaN amplifier for S-band and phased-array radar applications introduced by Comtech PST

MELVILLE, N.Y., 22 Feb. 2013. Comtech PST Corp. in Melville, N.Y., is introducing the model BMC318358-900 gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier for S-Band radar applications, including phased-array radar.

The AB linear design of the GaN amplifier operates over the 3.1 to 3.5 GHz frequency band and can be modified to support 2.9 to 3.1 GHz radar applications.

The amplifier design includes options for control of phase and amplitude to allow for integration into high-power systems with conventional binary or phased array combining approaches for power levels as strong as 100 kilowatts.

Features include AB linear gallium nitride (GaN) technology; high output power dynamic range; excellent efficiency; RF input & output sample detectors; pulse width and duty factor protection; thermal and load VSWR protection; optional digital interface for control & status monitoring; and optional phase and amplitude control.

The model BMC318358-900 has a peak power output of 900 Watts; pulse width of 2 to 200 microseconds; pulse rise and fall time of 60 nanoseconds; DC voltage input of 50 volts DC and plus-or-minus 1 volt DC; operates in temperatures from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius; can work at altitudes to 10,000 feet; measures 10.1 by 6.33 by 1.6 inches; and weighs five pounds.

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