Rugged mobile router for high-bandwidth vetronics networking introduced by GD Canada

OTTAWA, 19 Feb. 2013. General Dynamics Canada in Ottawa is introducing the next-generation TMR 200 tactical mobile router for tactical environments where network and vehicle electronics (vetronics) are becoming increasingly complex with high-definition cameras and sophisticated sensors streaming gigabits of information.

The compact, modular, and flexible TMR 200 router can be configured and integrated in a variety of military vehicles and wireless networks, General Dynamics officials say.

With the ability to handle high-bandwidth applications, the router is designed to ensure reliable and secure communications even where wireless network infrastructures do not exist or when nodes are overloaded or off the network, company officials say.

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Engineered for in-field communications, the TMR 200 enables military and public safety personnel, mobile command centers, and central commands to share high-bandwidth applications such as situational awareness information or battle management applications, along with critical voice and data, company officials say.

The TMR 200’s “intelligent management” automatically adapts to network changes and maintains connections in harsh operating conditions. It uses advanced networking technologies to store and forward communications if a network connection is broken.

The TMR 200 offers advanced networking to interconnect with a vehicle’s electronic architecture and command, control, communications, computing, and intelligence (C4I) systems, company officials say.

In addition, it can interface with other systems to enable remote control of communication devices in a tactical mobile network. General Dynamics Canada is part of General Dynamics C4 Systems in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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