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Software tools to help programmers comply with MISRA C safety-critical introduced by LDRA

WIRRAL, England, 27 Feb. 2013. LDRA in Wirral, England, is introducing software tools to help programmers comply with the recently announced MISRA C:2012 guidelines for safety-critical software.

LDRA offers an automated approach to meeting the MISRA C rules, with products that include a stand-alone rule checker and tools that integrate MISRA C compliance into the software development lifecycle.

LDRA's updated products that incorporate the latest MISRA C rules help programmers follow coding quality standards to mitigate liability and risk in software applications on which human lives depend, company officials say.

MISRA C is a software development language subset originally created to promote use of the C programming language in safety-critical automotive applications. The first version was released in 1998 (MISRA C:1998) to target C90, and the 2004 version (MISRA-C:2004) provided extensions and improvements.

Today, MISRA is a safe-coding standard for software quality in automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, defense, and rail applications that have a high cost of failure.

MISRA C helps software development teams create software applications that are of the highest quality, that have fewer defects and that are more maintainable, readable, consistent and verifiable.

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