FPGA-based programmable industrial I/O card with 100 BaseT Ethernet introduced by Mesa

RICHMOND, Calif., 20 Feb. 2013. Mesa Electronics in Richmond, Calif., is introducing the 7I80HD general-purpose field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based programmable industrial I/O card with a 100 BaseT Ethernet host interface.

The 7I80HD that uses 50 pin I/O connectors with interleaved grounds and I/O module rack compatible pinouts. The 7I80 is compatible with all of Mesa's 50 pin daughtercards.

Open-source FPGA firmware configurations are provided for hardware step/dir generation to 25 MHz, PWM generation, analog servo control, absolute (SSI and BISS) and incremental encoder counting, real-time remote I/O, timing, event counting, and high speed serial communication.

All 72 7I80HD I/O bits are 5-volt tolerant. A jumper-selectable PTC protected power option allows 1A of 5-volt power to be suppled the external daughtercards.

Four layer construction helps keep radiated EMI to a minimum, and helps maintain ground and power integrity. Daughtercards are available for industrial motion control, CNC retrofit, real-time I/O, analog I/O, RS-422 interfaces, encoder counting, and other applications.

The 7I80HD is available with 2 FPGA sizes --a XC6SLX16 (the 7I80HD-16) and a XC6SLX25 (the 7I80HD-25). For more information contact Mesa Electronics online at

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