PCI Express analog and digital I/O board for measurement and control offered by Sensoray

TIGARD, Ore., 7 Feb. 2013. Sensoray in Tigard, Ore., is introducing the Model 826 PCI Express analog and digital I/O board for measurement and control applications like laser cutting systems, amusement park rides, and food processing.

The board has six encoder/timer/counter interfaces, 16 differential 16-bit 300-kilosamples-per-second analog inputs, eight 16-bit 900-kilosample-per-second analog outputs, 48 bi-directional digital I/Os with edge capture, three-stage watchdog timer, and output fail-safe controller.

Its six 32-bit counters can operate as conventional timer/counters or in special modes that support incremental quadrature encoders, PWM and pulse generation, frequency measurement, period measurement, and pulse width measurement.

The board's watchdog timer and fail-safe controller work together to assert fail-safe output levels automatically in response to faults or external triggers.

Sensoray provides a Windows/Linux compatible software development kit (SDK) for the Model 826 that includes an API that supports polled and high-performance, event-driven operation, along with sample application programs.

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