Marine high-voltage termination and splice kit for waterproof power cables introduced by TE

HARRISBURG, Pa., 19 Feb. 2013. TE Connectivity (TE) in Harrisburg, Pa., is introducing a marine high-voltage termination and interconnectsplice kit that provide a safe, simple and secure way to terminate water and non-water blocked cables rated at power as strong as 15 kilovolts.

These kits are for waterproof applications, and feature non-tracking insulation with an electrical stress control system. In addition, the kits lend themselves to maintenance-free long life, even in contaminated areas, TE Connectivity officials say.

A wide variety of marine high-voltage kits are available, including MHHT: heat-shrinkable terminations with built-in stress control, seals equivalent to MIL-STD 24640; MHHS: heat shrink in-line splices for shielded cable (0-15 kilovolts); MHCS: in-line cold-applied splice for marine cables (0-15 kilovolts); and MHCT: cold-applied terminations for shielded and non-shielded marine power cables (0-15 kilovolts).

These kits contain the components necessary to terminate or splice marine cables. They have been designed and tested to IEEE-48 and IEEE-404 standards.

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