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DC-DC converter for small voltage, battery-powered systems, offered by Advanced Power

SAN JOSE, Calif., 20 March 2013. Advanced Power Electronics Corp. in San Jose, Calif., is introducing the APE2902 high-efficiency VFM step-up DC-DC converter for small low-input voltage or battery-powered systems with ultra-low quiescent supply current.

These power electronics devices can operate from a positive input voltage between the start-up voltage and VOUT and convert it to a higher output voltage, adjustable in 0.1-volt steps from 2.5 to 5 volts range with an accuracy of plus-or-minus 5 percent.

APE2902 converters combine ultra-low 22-micro-amp quiescent supply current and high efficiency (typ 87 percent at VOUT = 5V) to give maximum battery life, company officials say.

The high switching frequency and the internally limited peak inductor current permits the use of small, low cost inductors. Three external components are needed: an inductor a diode and an output capacitor.

The APE2902 is suitable to be used in battery powered equipment where low noise, low ripple and ultra-low supply current are required. Maximum shutdown current is lower than 1 micro amp and output current is as high as 100 micro amps. Devices feature a low start-up voltage and internal soft-start.

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