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High-voltage power switch that operates in temperatures to 225 C introduced by CISSOID

MONT-SAINT-GUIBERT, Belgium, 3 March 2013. 2013: CISSOID in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, is introducing the CHT-NEPTUNE high-voltage power switch in TO-257 package for power converters and motor drives that must operate in temperatures as hot as 225 degrees Celsius.

The high-temperature, high-voltage, silicon carbide metal oxide silicon field effect transistor (MOSFET) available in a hermetically sealed TO-257 metal package; the case is isolated from the switch terminals, the device and features low junction-to-case thermal resistance.

The power electronics product operates in temperatures from -55 to 225 C, has a breakdown voltage in excess of 1200 volts, and is capable of switching currents to 10 amps at the maximum temperature. The device features a body diode that can be used as free-wheeling diode.

The switch can be controlled with a typical gate voltage of -2 to 20 volts. Support and characterization data can be provided to drive the transistor at lower VGS voltages).

CHT-NEPTUNE can be used together with CISSOID gate drivers CHT-THEMIS & ATLAS, and with the isolated half-bridge gate driver EVK-HADES.

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