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ATCA chassis for defense aerospace, surveillance, and industrial introduced by Pentair

MINNEAPOLIS, 10 March 2013. Pentair Equipment Protection in Minneapolis is introducing the 14U, 14-slot Schroff 450/40 ATCA chassis for next-generation ATCA boards in critical, high-availability embedded computing applications where enhanced performance is crucial.

Applications include defense, aerospace, surveillance, industrial automation, high-energy physics, medical, telecommunications, and finances.

The Schroff 450/40 ATCA chassis delivers cooling of 400 Watts per slot in the front of the chassis and 50 Watts per slot in the rear transition module (RTM). The chassis comes bundled with Schroff's 40-gigabit-per-second backplane and ATCA shelf management, mechanical hardware, and protection.

Features include 800 Watts electrical power for double-wide blades; redundant power entry modules; enhanced cooling capabilities of 400 Watts per slot in front and 50 Watts in RTM; Redundant, push-pull fan tray cooling design for fault tolerance; accommodation of two shelf managers.

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