Rugged capacitors for automotive subsystems applications introduced by AVX Corp.

FOUNTAIN INN, S.C., 5 April 2013. AVX Corp. in Fountain Inn, S.C., is introducing the C0G (NP0) dielectric Automotive U series capacitors for automotive WiFi, collision avoidance, vehicle communications, and traffic alert system applications.

The AEC-Q200-qualified RF chip capacitors are available in 0402 and 0603 case sizes and exhibit ultra-low ESR, high Q, and lot-to-lot uniformity. The devices are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

AVX's Automotive U series RF chip capacitors are rated for ranging from -55 to 125 degrees Celsius and have plated nickel/tin terminations.

Capacitance values and tolerances for the 0402 case size capacitors range from 0.2 to 22 picofarads at 1 MHz. For the 0603 case size capacitors, capacitance values and tolerances span 1.0 to 100 picofarads at 1 MHz.

Automotive U series capacitors also are available in four working voltage values: 25 and 50 working volts DC for 0402 case size capacitors and 50, 100, and 200 working volts DC for 0603 case size capacitors.

Automotive U series capacitors may be packaged on 7- or 13-inch reels or sold in bulk. For more information contact AVX online at

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