MLC capacitors for high-current, -power, and -temp applications introduced by AVX

GREENVILLE, S.C., 2 April 2013. AVX Corp. in Greenville, S.C., is introducing the SMPS series stacked MLC rugged capacitors for high-current, high-power, and high-temperature applications. The components meet MIL-PRF-49470 by adding a 25-volt capacitor to the original 50-to-500-volt device.

The 25-volt SMPS capacitor has standard MIL-PRF-49470 Level "B" reliability; however, a parallel component with T-Level reliability for space applications is under qualification, company officials say.

The AVX SMPS capacitors exhibit low ESR and ESL and can withstand temperatures ranging from -55 to 125 degrees Celsius. The components are used primarily in the input/output filters of high-power and high-voltage power supplies, as well as in bus filters and DC snubbers for high-power inverters.

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The SMPS series also is for DC-DC converters, general and switched-mode power supplies, aerospace instrumentation panels, and a variety of hybrid power and military applications.

AVX's SMPS series capacitors are available in six case sizes and with a variety of through-hole and surface-mount lead options to provide mechanical decoupling of the ceramic chips from the board and minimize stress during board flexing, vibration, and temperature cycling.

Lead frames are attached to the chips using high temperature solder, so there is no risk of solder reflow during board assembly. SMPS series capacitors are also available in unencapsulated (MIL-PRF-49470/1) and encapsulated (MIL-PRF-49470/2) packaging technologies, providing design engineers with an enhanced reliability and durability option.

Capacitance ranges for AVX's MIL-PRF-49470-qualified SMPS series are: 25 volt = 1.5 to 390 microfarads, 50 volt = 1 to 270 microfarads, 100 volt = 0.68 to 180 microfarads, 200 volt = 0.47 to 120 microfarads, and 500 volt = 0.15 to 39 microfarads.

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