Circuit breakers for military DC power distribution offered by Diversified Technologies

BEDFORD, Mass., 28 April 2013. Diversified Technologies Inc. in Bedford, Mass., is introducing the DTI PowerMod solid-state medium voltage DC (MVDC) circuit breakers for military DC power distribution systems and commercial micro-grids.

The DTI PowerMod modules open in less than 700 nanoseconds, providing load protection in DC power distribution systems more powerful than 3 kilovolts in the event of a fault. With more than 99.7 percent switching efficiency, these modules also can switch power around a fault for high uptime applications such as maintaining power levels in a micro grid.

Capable of supporting a range of alternative sources and storage systems, including wind- and solar-power, battery storage, and flywheels, with a range of voltages, frequencies, and power levels, DTI PowerMod modules operate on or -off. At 10 kilovolts, a 50-amp DC module measures 12 by 5 by 3 inches and is stackable for switching to 100 kilovolts.

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