Multi-window processors to display several images on one screen introduced by Extron

ANAHEIM, Calif., 16 April 2013. Extron Electronics in Anaheim, Calif., is introducing the MGP 462 Pro and MGP 464 Pro high-resolution multi-window processors that enable the simultaneous display of several images on one screen -- two windows for the MGP 462 Pro and four windows for the MGP 464 Pro.

The units are for applications that require side-by-side display of critical quality graphics and video content from several sources. they comply with HDCP at all HDMI inputs, while the MGP Pro also provides two simultaneous outputs that generate HDMI and RGBHV video.

The MGP 462 Pro and MGP 464 Pro have Key Minder that authenticates and maintains continuous HDCP encryption between input and output devices. The MGP Pro includes Extron's Graphic Still Store that enables screen captures of the current output, or images uploaded from a PC, to be stored for use as presentation background images. Live video from an HDMI source also can serve as the background to any presentation.

For large-scale applications, two or three MGP 462 Pro or MGP 464 Pro units may be cascaded to create displays with six to 12 windows.

Optional HDMI and 3G-SDI/HD-SDI inputs enable easy integration of digital video sources into AV systems, and together with the HDMI output, allow the MGP 462 Pro and MGP 464 Pro to operate within an all-digital video system.

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